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Problem Statement

Business Context

Medicare Associate Team need to adhere to CMS Compliance. As per the compliance, all MA voicemails need to be addressed by the next business day, which is challenging as of today.

Agents/Reviewers has to go through hundreds of voicemail received from Anthem AVAYA manually and it is being hectic for them to fill the data manually in their Voicemail Management Eco-system. They need an application which solve their problem.


Use Case Scenarios

  • User open the application and able to see all the pending voicemails at first.

  • User can able to see all completed/in-progress voicemails as well.

  • User can click on Start Review button on each voicemail which has been assigned to him/her to start reviewing it. It will move to in-progress state once he clicked on the start review button.

  • User must complete their assigned voicemail in the given STA

  • Application will display a notification saying that this particular “voicemail_name” has been moved to in-progress for you to review.

  • User can verify all the system extracted details on the UI or he/she can also update the data manually in that pre-filled input fields.

  • Once user submit the data then it will be stored in particular column inside the given XL file link.

  • User can always edit review and submit for those voicemails which have been already reviewed by him/her. The data will always get updated in the XL file also.

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UX Challenges faced:

  • User Experience is the new concept to the product team

  • Scope of Research and Validation

  • Initial scope was to creation of MOM and this POC has very different.

  • Initial AI Accuracy was not great i.e 60-70% approx.; later on dev team could achieve 90- 95%

  • Restricted timelines

  • Brand guidelines

  • ADHOC changes in Requirements


Key Learnings

  • Understanding the requirement from the stakeholder clearly if not asking the related questions to get more clarity on it.

  • Getting into the users shoes to understand their pain points

  • Follow the strict brand guidelines
  • Handover the deliverables on specific deadlines(handoff to dev team)

  • Iterations when needed

Thanks for Reading !!

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